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As the 2019/2020 Premier League season is coming to a close, it so far has provided viewers with a bundle of entertainment. This season’s antics, even at the three quarter mark, make it incredibly difficult to predict the outcome.

Last season we saw all English Champions League and Europa League finals. This makes it interesting too see who the top 4 of this season will be.  Without a doubt, as expected, it’s inevitable that Liverpool will finish in first. Still unbeaten in the league their consistency is what has separated them from the other teams, whilst still providing top quality and entertainment. Coming off the back off last season were they won the Champions League, Klopp’s side will be looking to do the same this year.

Man City, Leicester and Chelsea all come in behind Liverpool and are currently separated by 13 points. Whilst Man City and Leicester are likely contenders for Champions League Positions, Chelsea are only clear of fifth Position Man Utd by 3 points and will be doing everything they can for the remainder of the season to return to the Champions League next year.

At the other end of the spectrum West Ham, Watford and Norwich are currently in relegation positions. Recently Promoted Norwich who started the season strongly with Pukki scoring 8 goals in 8 matches have drastically dropped off and are looking as if they will be returning to the Championship. On the other hand West Ham and Watford who are long time Premier League Survivors are only a point behind the safe spots where Aston Villa sit. West ham this season have looked as if they have the quality to remain in the league for another season whereas Watford have shown poor discipline and don’t look as if they can pick themselves up towards the backend of the season.


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