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As the transfer window is drawing slowly to a close, Bruno Fernandes is still heavily linked to the league giants Man Utd. The red devil’s have been chasing the young portuguese midfielder and at some stages throughout the window it seemed as if it was a done deal. Fernandes showed frustration to both clubs due to negotiations being more difficult than what they shouldve Barcelona have also shown great interest perhaps making the portugese midfielder to reconsider his options potentially making the deal fall through. Man Utd will need to look at other midfielders if they want to turnaround there current form

Liverpool have successfully secured a deal for Red Bull Salzburg’s Japanese midfielder Minamino. The fee was said to be 7.25 million which could prove to be a bargain for the reds due to game late last year against Salzburg when minamino slotted 2 past them. Minamino has previously made 199 appearances for Salzburg in which ilhe scored a total of 64 goals. The japanese international said “to win the premier league and the champions league, and to make good contributions to the team”

Rumours are that Arsenal are interested in 31 year old Jerome boating from Bayern Munich. The German International who has won almost everything throughout the career is also heavily linked with Italian team Ac Milan. If the German centre back, who can also play at full back makes the move to Arsenal, there would be no doubt the gunners defensive record would drastically improve for the remainder of the season.


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